3rd ID (US)

7th Para (UK)

82nd Airborne (US)

49th Guard (USSR)





352 ID

1st Bersag. (Italy)




Craig Bock

9/27/82 6/7/15


Craig was the owner/operator of Twin Sisters Gun Club, and an Army veteran from 2002-2007. While riding his motorcycle on June 6th, a Toyota truck suddenly turned left directly in front of him. There was nothing he could do. He will be missed!



Commemorative Historical Society

The CHS has been a large part of WWII re-enacting on the West Coast since 1993. Our membership, primarily based in the Northern California Area, spans five Western states (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho).

Our organization has a long standing tradition of maintaining very high standards of authenticity, historical knowledge, and camaraderie.

We are always recruiting dedicated and loyal members to join our ranks. Once accepted, you will be given information on how to obtain all that is required to participate in our events. Whether or not you have reenacted before, we simply ask that you respect our safety regulations, authenticity standards, and goals of mutual respect and camaraderie. All CHS events are fully insured.

For more information on becoming a member, contact our group leader or choose one of the unit representatives/contacts provided on this page.

E-mail: group_leader@chsww2lhm.org

"Authenticity, professionalism,

homage, and camaraderie."

  Pay $25 CHS yearly dues by Paypal

Pay $30 battle fee by Paypal



The Commemorative Historical Society WW2 Living History Museum (CHS) is a non-profit museum and historical society.


It exists for the sole purpose of instruction and re-creation of the life and time

of the period of 1939-1945, known as the Second World War. This purpose is fulfilled by the dissemination of educational materials and instruction aimed at benefiting the public interest and the knowledge of World War Two history. Such material and instruction include; publications, lectures, displays, parades, and living history reenactments.


The Commemorative Historical Society WW2 Living History Museum is an apolitical organization and does not seek to influence the government or disseminate political propaganda.


Membership in the CHS is open to anyone with a strong interest in WW2 history and is not restricted on the basis of race, sex, religion, or handicap.

All website content 2017 by the CHS except where noted

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